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Smart Media Touch Table

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  • MaterialSteel (Body Material)
  • Size140 * 80 * 80 cm
  • Weight90 kg
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T

[AVA Vision Inc.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Let’s Get Together!

Today, we see an unstoppable drive towards the unification of all systems into Touch Systems.

If you look at business environments where people meet and collaborate, they will need communication equipment. It has to be shared and connected.


Here, AVA Vision’s Smart Media Touch Table (Flat_Touch) is designed to support the communication for such concept.

Yes! Multi touch is mainstream technology at this point and is being developed very rapidly.

However, no every touch table satisfies the needs of people.


Today, AVA Vision introduces true multi touch and breakthrough technology that truly has broken through, which can be used in meetings and brainstorming sessions.




10 / 12/ 32 / 50 / 100 touch points

OS: Windows 7/8, Android 4.4 or higher

Supporting Full HD (1080p)

Interface: HID, Plug & Play (Driver provided for calibration)

Providing interface input port for connecting external device and LAN.

Special treatment for glass surface (e.g. Anti-glare, Anti-reflection, etc.)

Waterproof and Dustproof (Optional)

Intuitive utilization

Multi touch contents (Optional)    

Classy design



Education Area

Various class contents become sources of game. (Education + Entertainment)

e.g. History, Music, Art, English, etc.


Commercial Area

Product promotion, Interactive information can be used for targeted marketing.

e.g. Dealer shop, Reception area, Tourism information, etc.


Medical Area

Applicable to rehabilitating exercise machine in an aging society.

Rehabilitation treatment, Prevention of dementia


Exhibition/Event Area

Various experiencing environment can be provided.

e.g. Exhibition experience, Museum, Corporate, Sport venue, Information Hall for corporate and public office, etc.


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Smart Media Touch Table

Smart Media Touch Table

Smart Media Touch Table

Smart Media Touch Table

Smart Media Touch Table

Smart Media Touch Table