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Multi-touch Sensor

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Multi-touch Sensor


You can compose the products that you want at the place you want by applying the touch sensor on various displays.

This multi-touch sensor has the two kinds of capacitance system touch sensor (2/10/20) and infrared system touch sensor (2/6.12/32), and can realize the multi-touches of various points.


1. Infrared System

The infrared system can realize an accurate and high speed of response with the touch sensor of overlay system.

  • Minimum 2 points ~ Maximum 32 points
  • LED cell image system, touch technique with no pressure type
  • Realization of an accurate and fine touch

Infrared Multi-touch Sensor
The Infrared multi-touch sensor is an accurate and stable product with a world-class quality that can use various touch points, having many references home and abroad.
This can be applied to all the plate displays such as LCD, LED, REAR PROJECTION, MULTI WALLS, etc. and can be installed up to the maximum of 400 inches using a composition of multi walls.

>> Specifications by Model

Available Sizes


Over size

32", 40", 42", 46", 47",
50", 52", 55", 60", 65"

70", 82", 85", 103",
max size:400"

Frame Thickness


Over size

8.6 mm


Detectable Touch Points


Over size

2, 6, 12, 32 Touch Points

6, 12, 32 Touch Points

Operating System

Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, Android (iStick)

Sample Rate

Up to 200 fps (depends on frame size)

Finger Touch Accuracy


Over size

2.7 mm

±1.5 mm

Report Resolution


Over size

32768 x 32768

Assembly Method


Over size

Flexible Flat Cable Connection

Strengthened Cable

Power Supply

Input AC: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Output: 5V, 4A

Data Interface

USB 2.0 (Full speed), compatible with USB 1.1 port, HID compliant, plug-and-play compatible
USB A Type Receptacle

Touch Method

Finger, gloved hand or any other pointer. Stylus minimum 6 mm tip.
Object shape recognition (Palm, fist recognitions)

Touch Activation Force

No pressure required

Touch Durability



Operating temperature: 0 °C to 55 °C; Storage temperature: -25 °C to 85 °C;
Operating humidity:10% to 90% RH, non-condensing; Storage humidity: 10% to 90% RH, non-condensing

2. Infrared System

Film-typed Touch Sensor of Capacitance system

  • Minimum 2 points ~ Maximum 20 points
  • No possible damage due to the outer environment with the use of a sensor behind the glass
  • Neat product designs

Capacitance (PCT) System Multi-touch Film Sensor
Capacitance system multi-touch film sensor is an accurate and stable product that can use a number of touch points. Even when you use it, you are free from any infrared (sunlight) interference, and are also free from the change of lighting indoors. Furthermore, it can be used with LCD, LED and PROJECTIONS, and installed up to the maximum of 100 inches.

>> 10, 20 point touch Specification by Model



Detection method

Projected Capacitive Technology

Touch thickness

Adjustable by software to a maximum thickness of 20 mm

Input method

Finger and gloved finger

Touch gestures

Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 7 Touch Gestures

Number of simultaneous touches

20 or 10

Frame rate

50 FPS

Sensor thickness

100 micron transparent polymer

Response time

18 ms

Noise Shielding

DISPLAX XTR-Shield™, a proprietary noise filtering technology


Available using driver software: no drift


30'' to 100''

Permitted graphic resolution

Unaffected by computer display resolution

Aspect ratios

4:3; 16:9; custom sizes available



Light transmission


Average power consumption (P)

USB powered @ 5V
Peak consumption: 410 mA
Operation consumption: 370 mA


Printed circuit board with USB connector




Removable or Permanent

Operating temperature range

-20°C to 70°C


Glass, Corian. Acrylic is not recommended

Storage temperature range

-40°C to 135°C

Operating system

Windows 8 & 7 with multitouch functionality available,
Linux Ubuntu 11.10 or above, Mac OS X,
TUIO Support embedded on driver

Operating humidity range

0% to 96%

Data connectivity

USB 2.0

Storage humidity range

0% to 100%, except controller

Touch accuracy

1 mm relative

Life time expectancy


Sensor weight

200 g

Controller life time expectancy

1 million hours

Controller weight

65 g


1 year

>> 1, 2 point touch Specification by Model


Recognition Method

PCT(Projected Capacitance Touch / Capacitive detection method)

Coordinate size recognition

30” ~ 94” (4:3), 30” ~ 115” (16:9)

Fixed Options

Mobile and fixed selectable

Touch accuracy

2mm ± 1mm

Touch Sensitivity

Programs, adjustable glass thickness is less than 20mm

Touch response time

18 ~ 50ms

Recognition point

One or dual point (two point)


USB or RS232C(9 Pin D Femate)

Light transmittance

93% More than

Use Temperature

-35 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

Projection rating

Max, IP65 Standards

Product Form

Film or tempered glass (3 ~ 6T) / Selectable

Controller location


Controllers film length

Selection Available


1. Contents only for Multi-touch "Snowflake Suite"

This product is a customized application package that can compose the contents fast and easily that customers want at an affordable price, and can work stably because it is optimized for digital signage.

This can make users see the contents such as pictures, videos, PDFs, MP3s, etc. magnified, de-magnified, or revolved in a quite free way, and can be enjoyed together by many people because it has many game applications.

This is composed of more than 30 basic applications, and you can use the application(s) only that you want, or many applications of the same kind. You can also use self-made contents because external executable files (.exe) can be connected with snowflake.

There are some sub-folders that correspond to each application in the folder in which snowflake has been installed, and customers can change the design as they want and then use it by replacing icons, background images, other contents, etc.

This can be used for various uses by being composed together with Touch Table, DID, Multi-Touch Wall, etc.

  • Publicity: Introduction of (New) products, Corporate PR, etc.
  • Information: Theaters, museums, exhibitions, tourist information centers, etc.
  • Education: Classrooms, libraries, etc.
  • Others

2. Contents only for Multi-touch: snowflake ABC

Educational Multi-touch Contents: "Snowflake ABC"

This is an educational application that may help children learn addition, subtraction, crossword puzzles, etc.

Like the existing snowflake suite, it can arouse children's interest in learning because customers can easily compose its contents and promote a pleasant environment to study naturally by playing with their friends.

This is an educational Snowflake Edition consisting of various applications aiming at education applying the existing snowflake, and is composed of 21 applications, including addition, subtraction, crossword puzzles, etc.

Overall, how to use this is not so different from that of Snowflake Suite. Furthermore, it can regulate the level of difficulty of educational contents according to the user's composition of contents, and utilize the educational contents of various subjects.

Particularly, this can be used more effectively for language education such as Korean and English language for children who often can't focus on things.

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